Recruitment Videos

Student Panels
Justin Williams, Alexis Fohn and Molly Hydorn discuss rotations
Arianne Papa, Pedro J. del Rivero Morfin and Angelika Nitzl discuss cardiovascular research
Shavonne Teng and Panagiota Apostolou discuss neuroscience research
Laura Yen, Allen Hsu and Justin Williams discuss structural biology research

Student Life
Shavonne Teng and Justin Williams discuss GSO events
Sergej Borowik, Kookjoo Kim, Emmanuel Afriyie, and Pedro J. del Rivero Morfin discuss international student life
Arden Darko-Boateng gives a tour of the Colecraft Lab
Emmanuel Afriyie gives a housing tour

Interviews with PIs
Panagiota Apostolou speaks with Andrew Marks
Kyle Stearns speaks with Anne Moscona
Michael Zuccaro speaks with Dieter Egli
Panagiota Apostolou speaks with George Mentis
Kyle Stearns speaks with Jeanine D’Armiento
Justin Williams speaks with Matthias Quick
Laura Yen speaks with Oliver Clarke
Aaron Kidane speaks with Scott Banta
Sergej Borowik speaks with Shawn Liu
Molly Hydorn speaks with Wayne Hendrickson