Annual Retreat

Talks by graduate students
Geli Nitzl
Investigation of crip Gene Downstream of NKX Factors in Cardiovascular Development and Regeneration
Arianne Papa
Mechanism of Adregernic CaV1.2 Stimulation Revealed by Proximity Proteomics

Posters by graduate students
Sergej Borowik
Trafficking and dynamics of CaV1.2 in the heart
M. Hunter Giese
Structural studies of a voltage-gated ion channel by cryo-EM
Arianne Papa
Elucidating the mechanism of beta-adrenergic regulation in L-type Calcium Channels (Cav1.2)
Vijendra Ramlall
Interstitial Lung Disease in Statin Users
Pedro J. del Rivero Morfin
Modulation of the cardiac l type calcium channel by leucine rich repeat containing protein (LRRC10)
Michael V. Zuccaro
Mechanism of diploidization in human haploid pluripotent stem cells